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INQUIRE Data Elements

About the Inquire Data Elements

The INQUIRE Data Elements provides detailed information on how to collect and structure the data elements in a database such that the recommended analysis from the Linkage Questions can be performed as described. The data elements are organized by Level (Child, Family, Practitioner, Classroom/Group, Program Site, Organization, System) and by Category (e.g. Identification, Demographics, Education, Licensing/Accreditation, Quality Improvement). Data elements that meet reporting or data collection requirements are noted as such and you can search for those elements under Reporting Requirements.

How-to Search for Data Elements

To search for a data element or a group of data elements, select the Level, Category, and/or Reporting Requirements of interest. Your results will display the element name, category, definition, fields (FIELD NAME), variable type, the options for the element(s), and the reporting or data collection requirements it is connected to. The elements can also be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet by clicking on the blue button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.