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What are the characteristics of children ages birth to 12 years old receiving CCDF subsidies in the state/territory?

General Analysis Recommendations

 A full list of data elements that could be used to describe the characteristics of children under 12 that receive CCDF subsidies in the state can be found in the Child Level set of data elements in this document. The categories of elements related to children are: Identification; Demographics; Screening, Disability and Health; and Early Care and Education Experiences.

To identify children receiving CCDF subsidies, use the data element Financial Support Types-Child Care Development Fund. While a multitude of descriptive analyses could be performed, examples of a few of these analyses are provided below. For each of the examples, further analyses could be conducted to understand patterns for subgroups of children. For example, additional analysis could examine trends for children by age (birth to 3, 3 to 5, 5 and older) using the data element Child Birth Date or by geographic region in the state using the element Child Address-County.