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QPR A3.2.7b (2014) What percentage of CCDF subsidized children were served in high- quality care as defined by the state/territory?

Data Elements


Quality Measures

Program Site

Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS)

QPR-Specific Analysis Recommendations

Perform the same analysis as for question A3.2.6 but add the element QRIS Score to count the number of high quality program sites.  To calculate a percentage, divide this number by the total number of children receiving CCDF subsidies. Determinations of quality will depend on the unique way each state defines quality. For states with QRIS with five levels, the top two levels may be considered high quality while a state with three levels might consider only the top level high quality.

If the state does not have a QRIS but does collect other observational measures of quality (e.g. ERS, CLASS), those can be used to determine which program sites are at the highest levels of quality. Using the example of the CLASS, the CLASS Average Score can be used to make designations of high quality although the specific cut-off points in making those determinations are left up to the state.