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What number/percentage of children are receiving other financial support (e.g. scholarships, reduced fees) receives care at program sites that are rated in the top levels/tiers of the QRIS?

Data Elements


Early Care and Education Experiences

Program Site

Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS)

General Analysis Recommendations

Children should be connected to program sites though a linkage between Child ID and Program Site ID. Use the data element Financial Support Type and select for children with a “Yes” response for any of the fields (Head Start, Early Head Start, Tribal Head Start, Migrant Head Start, State Head Start, IDEA Part B, IDEA Part C, Title I, Other) for the total number of children receiving support. To determine how many children receiving financial support are served at high quality program sites, first select program sites indicating “Currently participates in the QRIS” for data element QRIS Participation History. Next, total the number of children that are served at a program site in the top levels of QRIS using the element QRIS Score. To calculate a percentage for each of the fields, divide the number of children in a program at the top tiers of the QRIS by the total number of children receiving financial support.