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Compared to programs that are not enrolled in the QRIS, do QRIS-rated program sites differ on key characteristics including geography, program type, funding, or director qualifications?

Data Elements


Program Site

Program Management
Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS)

General Analysis Recommendations

Using the element, QRIS Participation History, create two groups of program sites (Program Site ID); those that indicate “Program site currently participates in the QRIS” and those that indicate either “Program site has never participated in the QRIS” or “Program site previously participated in the QRIS.” Compare the characteristics of these two groups using elements like Program Site Address (geography), Type of Funding (funding), Early Childhood Setting (program site type) and Staff Classification/Degree or Certificate Type (director qualifications).

Geography: Use the individual fields in the data element Program Site Address to create geographical areas. The field “County” can be used to create areas within the state that can be compared based on QRIS Participation History. To ascertain how service levels differ by county, divide the number of program sites in a given county with a QRIS Participation History indicating “Program site currently participates in the QRIS” by the total number of providers in that county.

Funding: There are several different categories of funding within the data element Type of Funding each indicating a “Yes” anytime a program site receives that type of funding. Total the yes responses for each of the categories of funding and compare between the two participation groups.

Early Childhood Setting: Compare each of the types of settings (e.g. family child care, center-based, home-based) in the data element Early Childhood Setting but totaling the “Yes” responses for each type.

Director Qualifications: Using the data element Staff Classification select for practitioners that indicate “Yes” to the field “Administrator. Create groups using the fields in the data element Degree or Certificate Type. One possible grouping would be directors without a Bachelor’s degree and directors with a Bachelor’s or higher. Compare these groups against their program sites QRIS Participation History.