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QPR A1.2.2 What percentage of programs received monitoring visits, and at what frequency, for each provider category during the last fiscal year?

Data Elements


Licensing/Accreditation Information

Program Management

QPR-Specific Analysis Recommendations

First, split program sites into three groups based on the type of setting, family child care, center-based, or license-exempt. Use the data element, Early Childhood Setting, and assign a code (“1”) program sites (Program site ID) that are indicated with a “Yes” for the category “Family Child Care,” another code (“2”) to program sites that are “Center-based (including a school setting),” and a third code (“3”) to program sites that are “License-exempt.” For each of these groups, complete the calculations described below.

Total the number of program sites Monitoring Visit date in the past year for each of the three setting types. To calculate the percentage of program sites, divide these numbers by the total number of program sites for each setting types. Total then average the number of Monitoring Visit dates in the past year for each program site for the frequency of visits.