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QPR A3.2.6 What percentage of CCDF subsidized children were served in a program participating in the state or territory’s quality improvement system during the last fiscal year?

Data Elements




Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS)

QPR-Specific Analysis Recommendations

Children should be connected to program sites though a linkage between Child ID and Program Site ID. To determine how many children receiving CCDF subsidies are served in program sites participating in the quality improvement system, first use the data element Financial Support Type and select for children with a “Yes” response for the field “Child Care Development Fund”. Next, select program sites indicating “Currently participates in the QRIS” for data element QRIS Participation History. Total the number of children that are both served at a program site participating in the quality improvement system and who receive CCDF subsidies. To calculate a percentage, divide this number by the total number of children receiving CCDF subsidies. To determine how many children are participating in quality improvement initiative other than QRIS, perform the same operation but use the data element Quality Improvement Participation. If a state has multiple QRISs and QI initiatives, perform the same calculation for each and sum the numbers for the total number of children with a CCDF subsidy who are served by all of the initiatives.