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Linkages Questions

About the Linkages Guide

The Linkages Guide features a series of questions related to early care and education, Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) and other quality improvement initiatives that can be addressed using the INQUIRE Data Elements . These questions can be used to:

  • learn about the need for particular early care and education policies and practices;
  • monitor the outputs of systemic improvement efforts such as a QRIS; or
  • address research and evaluation questions about the effectiveness of services.

How-to Use the Linkages Guide

  1. Identify questions that are a priority for your state/locality.
  2. Review the list of data elements associated with your questions of interest and compare them to data collected in the state/locality to identify what data are and are not being collected.
  3. Develop and implement a plan to collect data elements that are not being collected that are needed to address high priority questions or reporting needs.
  4. Perform the suggested or alternative analysis using the recommended data elements.
  5. Use the results of the analysis to answer questions of interest and to help develop additional questions.

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